Best Pet Friendly Rugs

22 August 2023

The likelihood is, if you’re a pet owner you will be looking for a rug that makes things easier to combat mucky paws and shedding hairs. We have a wide range of pet friendly rugs and runners; we’d love to help you choose which one is the best for you and your fluffy friends!

Flatweave Indoor/Outdoor Rugs


Our much loved indoor/outdoor rug. With a flatwoven construction and polypropylene pile this rug is hardy enough to survive even the British summer. Easy to clean and care for, your Hydroflex rug can handle everything from muddy paws to summer showers. Simply vacuum regularly to keep hairs and mud at bay and we’re sure your rug will stay looking brand new.

Easy Clean, Liquid Repellent


We know easy clean is top priority when shopping for a new rug, especially with pets or little ones who treat every tea time like a food fight! Spilt drinks simply wipe away with our innovative nano-coating. This technology keeps liquids on the surface so your rug is effectively protected, even from strongly coloured drinks such as blackcurrant juice, coffee and red wine!

Our best seller!


Our hand-finished, Indian Jute rugs and runners are not only a beautiful addition to your home but made from 100% natural fibres. They are biodegradable, non-toxic and undyed so your pets can rest easy. The fibres are easy to maintain so will stand up to scratches and any shed hairs are easy to vacuum.

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