Looking after your Jute Rug

10 October 2023

Our hand-finished, Indian Jute rugs are 100% natural fibre, undyed and biodegradable. The natural woven fibres and neutral colours are a great option in almost any room and create an understated, modern look. Natural fibres might sound difficult to maintain, but Jute rugs are easy to look after when properly cared for.

Can you get Jute Rugs Wet?

Leave the carpet shampooer or steam cleaner alone when it comes to Jute rugs, the fibres easily absorb moisture and take a long time to dry. This can lead to problems with damp and mould if left unchecked so it’s best to use as little water as possible.

How do you Vacuum a Jute Rug?

This is the best way to keep your rug looking good, as dirt doesn’t cling to the fibres in the same way as synthetic fibres. Avoid using the beater bar and opt for the brush or floor tool attachment instead. Vacuum 2-3 times a week and don’t forget underneath to catch any shedding fibres. Direct sunlight will cause your jute rug to fade but turning regularly will help.

Tips for Tough Stains

• Red based stains can be blotted using a small amount of soda water on a white cloth before treating as above.

• Scrape solids away first with a spatula before treating.

• Neutralise odours by mixing an equal solution of white vinegar and water, and dabbing onto the stain before blotting dry.

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