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Who we are

By offering a well-considered collection, we want to inspire our customers 
to make more sustainable choices and influence positive change within 
our industry.

From a Saturday job on the Melrose factory floor in my teenage years to returning to the company in 2010 as Managing Director, we have always been resourceful. In the early days we bought waste carpet to convert into doormats & runners to keep production going in quieter months. It was hugely successful, a fantastic product at great value. Yet, some of the industry statistics were staggering. Around 228,000 tonnes going into landfill every year! We realised in our own way we’d already started to make positive changes – the carpet offcuts we had been buying would have otherwise added to that huge landfill number – but we wanted to do more.

In 2017 Relay was launched, a collection of rugs with different eco credentials such as recycled, natural or sustainable fibres. Rugs to inspire and create an atmosphere where you can feel at ease in your home – rugs with extra feel-good factor.


Responsible sourcing

One of our most crucial values is to ensure workers are treated fairly and have good working conditions. To advocate these standards we work with third-party auditors to monitor our supply chain overseas and at our Yorkshire production facility in the UK.

Annual ethical audits enable us to consistently monitor wages & working standards, ensure workers’ rights are protected and fix any issues.

Our recycled materials are certified by Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) or Global Recycled Standard (GRS).

Our facility is powered by 100% renewable energy sources. We recycle all of our packaging waste.

We divert 1200 miles of carpet from landfill each year. Buying up pre-consumer surplus, and turning it into stylish rugs and runners.



We aim to use minimal amount of packaging, choose recycled alternatives whenever possible and are continuously working to reduce plastic wherever we can. The care labels used in our UK production are 100% recycled polyester.

Our cardboard is made from 70-80% recycled content and can be fully recycled at kerbside. Our transit packaging is minimum 30% recycled content and we are introducing 100% recycled packaging in 2023.


Our original
Classic Collection

Keeping production in the UK means lower carbon emissions and more skilled jobs for local people.

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Richard and Susan have worked together here at Melrose for over 30 years, “when Susan started her sister Jane told me to ‘look after our Susan’ and that’s exactly what I did” Richard says. “I’ve worked here for over 35 years, I come here for the people. We’ve done it all, from paper picking orders to how we work now. We’ve moved with the times and grown with the company from Allerton to now here at Park View”.

“It’s all about teamwork here” Susan says. “We all get on well, if there is a problem, we always address it. You’ve just got to get on with it. If it wasn’t for Richard, and the team, I wouldn’t be where I am today, I have a lot to thank them for.”




History of Relay

Not to brag, but we’re kind of proud of what we’ve achieved over the past few years.


We’re extremely proud to continue the textile heritage of our local area. Our original site at Allerton Mills was built in 1868 and owned by Mr Isaac Smith whose business specialised in Mohair spinning.

WINNER: The National Flooring Innovation Awards: Environmental Category (Relay Rugs & Takeback Scheme by Melrose Interiors Ltd)
WINNER: Carpet Recycling UK Awards: Recycler of the Year: Melrose Interiors/Relay Rugs
WINNER: Carpet Recycling UK Awards: Recycling Champion of the Year Andy Murphy for Melrose Interiors/Relay Rugs
HIGHLY COMMENDED: Carpet Recycling UK Awards: Circular Economy Initiative: Melrose Interiors/Relay Rugs
HIGHLY COMMENDED: Carpet Recycling UK Awards: Reuse Member of the Year: Melrose Interiors Ltd/Relay Rugs
SHORTLISTED: Insider Made in Yorkshire Awards
SHORTLISTED: Yorkshire Business Masters Awards


SHORTLISTED: Yorkshire Business Masters
SHORTLISTED: Asda Supplier Awards


HIGHLY COMMENDED: Awards for Good Practice: Carpet Recycling UK


SHORTLISTED: Yorkshire Business Masters
SHORTLISTED: Asda Supplier Awards


HIGHLY COMMENDED: Awards for Good Practice: Carpet Recycling UK


Moved to Park View Mills, Rebranded as Relay rugs


Expanded to additional site, Hillam Road Distribution Centre


Moved to Allerton Mills