What are Jute rugs made from?

25 September 2023

Jute is renewable vegetable fibre grown in the Indian Gangetic Delta. It is durable and has a number of benefits. The plants are harvested annually by hand and the fibre is extracted from the bark of the plant after a soaking process.

This natural textile fibre does not release polluting microfibers into waterways and aquatic ecosystems and grows without the use of fertilisers & pesticides. The growth relies on natural rainfall in monsoon areas, rather than large water consumption through irrigation systems and production helps return nutrients to the soil and retain soil moisture. Due to its rapid growth cycle, Jute plants reach maturity relatively quickly, between 4-6 months. The plants absorb carbon dioxide and releases oxygen much faster than trees.

Jute has a number of natural properties that make it an excellent fibre for rugs:

• Acoustic insulation
• Anti-static
• Naturally strong
• Soft underfoot

The natural tones of our Jute rugs help create an inviting feel in your space. Round jute rugs are versatile and create a cosy focal point in your room whilst Jute runner rugs can elevate the look of your utility or kitchen area whilst being practical. Jute is easy to clean and can be vacuumed, learn how to look after your Jute rug here.

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