Caring for Your Classic Rug

11 September 2023

Cleaning your Classic Rug is easy following our top tips.

Our stylish plain rug collection, Classic, is available in a selection of neutral tones to complement your space and works great as a living room rug. We stock three standard sizes in four colours, along with hallway runners and round rugs.

Looking after your Classic rug is easy following our tips below;

Use a Rug Grip

Using a good quality rug grip underneath your rug will reduce the chance of slips or trips and stop your rug from travelling over your carpet or hard floor.

Vacuum regularly

Vacuuming at least 2-3 times a week ensures that dust and grit is not ingrained in the pile for too long and will help keep the pile of the rug standing tall even after heavy traffic.

Blot spills as soon as they happen

Blot spills with a clean white cloth as quickly as possible to make them easier to clean. Try dabbing the stain rather than rubbing to stop it from spreading. Test carpet shampoo in an inconspicuous place before cleaning. Then once the rug is dry, vacuum to help restore the pile.

Regular upkeep will keep your rug looking as good as new. Our Classic range is produced from excess carpet material that would otherwise go to waste and is eligible for our Takeback recycling scheme once you decide to refresh your space.

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